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Consider the Couples’ Ring: TOR 2

For a long time now, men and women have been enjoying the mutual benefits that a couples’ ring has to offer. Among the first variety of sex toys ever made, the oldest accounts date back to ancient China, where they were first made from the eyelids of goats – eyelashes and all.

Considering this far-reaching history of sex with the couples’ ring (thankfully, no mascara necessary nowadays), it's surprising to see that more people don't use them, given the simple yet effective benefits they provide for both partners.
tor 2What’s in it for him?
There are a number of reasons why a man should consider wearing a couples’ ring, both with a partner or even on his own. Wearing a ring around the base of the penis slows its blood flow (gently of course), which results in a longer-lasting erection. This increase of blood can also give the erection a fuller appearance and intensify his eventual climax to mind-blowing proportions.
What’s in it for her?
With a vibrating couples’ ring like TOR 2, she’ll benefit from those additional sensations as they travel through the shaft of the penis, or depending on the position, even directly against the clitoris. Meanwhile, the increased stamina experienced by a male partner assists women in enjoying the most intense orgasms, and you can never argue with that.

Given benefits like these, the possibilities that a ring offers to couples should be considered by anyone looking to add a little extra something to lovemaking.

Click here to view our powerful, rechargeable, and waterproof couples’ ring TOR 2 made from smooth seamless silicone. Recommended by couples (and goats) the world over.




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