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Which LELO Are You?

 Katy Thorn  Sex Tips & Advice  8,624 Views


Our LELOs come in all shapes, sizes, and sensations, but which one is perfectly suited to you? Take our quiz to see which pleasure is perfectly pleasing to your personality!




This petite and discreet bullet-style vibrator proves that great things come in small packages. An exciting tease during solo-play, but explosive with a partner, LYLA™2 offers daring pleasure as acouple’s toy controlled by wireless remote, letting you explore your desires anywhere they take you.



Customizable pleasure that will make you sing from the rooftops! SIRI™2 takes the beloved pocket-sized design of the original SIRI™ and pumps up the power. Now totally waterproof, it also features a new setting that lets ambient sound, like music or a lover’s voice, control the vibrations. That’s a reason to sing in the shower if we’ve ever heard one!



rabbit-style vibe like you’ve never seen before; INA™ Wave takes personal pleasure to a whole new level. With the beautifully sculpted design of INA™ 2, the difference here is all in the motion of ocean. INA™ Wave features a brand new technology that allows the shaft to surge and plunge within you, gently massaging your G-spot like the fingers of a lover would.




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