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Welcome to the LELO Singapore Showroom There is a LELO for you

Welcome to the LELO Singapore Showroom

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3 Awesome Positions for Masturbating with Your LELO

3 Awesome Positions (& Alternate Methods) for Masturbating with Your LELOIt’s easy to get stuck in a rut, even with something as pleasurable as masturbating. We have our favorite types of porn, our favorite vibrator, even our favorite ...


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What Exactly IS a Couples’ Sex Toy?

couples' toyThe way we see it, pleasure shared is pleasure doubled – particularly when it comes to sex toys. Masters of masturbation that they are, introducing a vibrator to ...


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All Lubed Up & Ready to Go: Why (and How) to Use Lube

lubeWhile the word ‘lube’ might conjure up memories of questionable frat-hosted wrestling events or comically over-sized tubs of jelly on a porn set, using lube is one of ...


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Another Design Award for LELO’s HEX™ Condoms

Hex condom awardWe are very proud to announce that the LELO HEX™ condom has won a Golden A’ Design Award in Design Quality and Innovation Category by the International Design Academy. This ...


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Playing to Your Strengths: An Introduction to Sex Toys Designed for Men

mens_toyPleasure products designed specifically for the male body  may not be as numerous as those made with women in mind, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty ...


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A Shopping Guide for Your Friend’s First Vibrator

A Shopping Guide for Your Friend’s First Vibrator“My friend has never owned a vibrator and I want to get them one as a gift. What are your recommendations?” This one of my favorite questions I ...


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A Touch of Magic: 5 Ways to Use Your SMART WAND™

A-Touch-of-Magic-5-Ways-to-Use-Your-SMART-WANDThe wand–style massager has a long and storied history among pleasure-seekers, with one of the most iconic and recognizable silhouettes when it comes to the modern sex toy.....


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Head To Head: NEA™ 2 Vs SIRI™ 2 Product Comparison

nea-vs-siriThey say that good things come in small packages. We say that good things come in LELO packaging, and that’s absolutely true of two of our best-selling products, ...


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More than Surface Deep – The Science Behind the HEX™ Structure

hex leloWhat is a condom? For years, it’s been a single smooth dollop of latex poured onto a mold, then rolled off when it’s cool. It’s been that way ...


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Main Showroom:


170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd


Singapore 588179

We are a 3 minute walk from Beauty World MRT Station. Pick-up from this station is possible. Contact us to arrange. 


Telephone/SMS: (+65)9637 8109 


Prices listed are ex-Singapore.


For International Sales, please email for a custom quote in US$/Euro:

For Wholesale enquiries, please email:

Purchase genuine LELO products from our Showroom with peace of mind and warranty.  


For Lingerie, please visit




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